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Review of Your Business Admin

Most small businesses start up with an idea of a product or service to sell and little thought is given to all the paperwork and admin that will come with that idea.  Usually, the business owner does everything – sales, marketing, accounts and admin and they create their own way of doing things.  This means admin systems and processes just “happen” and although they may work, they probably take up time (how many evenings have you stayed up late just to “finish the paperwork”?), cost more than they should and in some circumstances cause problems with the “everyday” business due to lost files, incorrect recording of data etc. 

Sue from Chadwick’s Admin is offering a Business Admin Review which will entail about an hour of discussion with you to find out what currently happens (or doesn’t happen!) and what is already in place.  She will then provide a short written report which will contain recommendations on how to make your admin more efficient and cost-effective.  You are then able to either implement the recommendations yourself or Sue and her team will be able to assist in providing the resources for you to make “late night paperwork” a thing of the past. 

A “Business Admin Review” costs £75 for the initial discussion and report (any further work carried out by Chadwick’s Admin is charged at a rate of £25 per hour).  For more details CONTACT us here.

Diary Management

Are you a tradesperson who finds you double book yourself in the diary, never have enough time to get from one visit to another and keep losing customers because you miss jobs? Sue and her team at Chadwick’s Admin can take control of your appointments and ensure your diary is always up to date so you never miss a visit. Take the stress out of your diary management and let Chadwick’s Admin do it for you.  CONTACT us here for details

You can trust us!

Chadwick’s Admin is registered for Data Protection with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  We have full public liability & professional indemnity insurance